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Tourist Guide – The Best Places To Visit In Scotland

If your planning on a vacation, one of the first places you should visit is Scotland. If you are new to Scotland then you might have a hard time finding out where all the tourists spots are that you and your family would love to check out. This article is going to show you a list of some of the attractions located in Scotland and where to stay; check it out. There are a bunch of great places to see within walking distance.

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most popular tourists’ areas that you should go for first.

The Edinburgh Castle is the most famous castle you can find in all of Scotland. The the castle sits upon a dormant volcano nicknamed Castle Rock, and the sheer size of the castle is so obvious that it tears through the Edinburgh skyline. The Great Hall inside the Edinburgh Castle is so stunning that you can’t help but stand in awe. St Margaret’s Chapel is also located within the castle; this chapel is the oldest built chapel in Scotland. There are a lot of rooms in the Royal Palace, you can take a guided tour to get to know more about the history of the Edinburgh Castle. There are a number of museums, and memorials that you can visit while enjoying the beauty of the castle. You should know that the Edinburgh Castle is a place that will leave you occupied for the whole day which means you don’t have to worry about going anywhere on that day; this is why the castle is one of the most popular tourist sites in all of Scotland.

You should definitely visit Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park; it’s an amazing place to start your second day.

You should know that Cairngorms National Park is the longest National park in all of Great Britain and spans in an area between Aberdeen and Inverness. You can do a lot of outdoor activities and see so much while in Britain’s largest National park; a day in Cairngorms National Park is definitely going to be worth it. The sights that you see in Cairngorms National Park will be amazing so make sure to grab as many photo opportunities that you can. The range of wildlife in Cairngorms National Park is going to make the whole visit even more amazing. You can finally see a reindeer in its natural habitat; now, that’s a sight worth taking a picture of.Take a steam train on your way back down and pass through the mountains on Scotland.

You can choose a lot of routes for your walks for the outdoor adventure. You should know that tea shops, pubs, and restaurants are just around every corner so, if you are looking for a place to relax in, this is the best place to start your tour.

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